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The Big Bang Theory Is a Big Dud (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

 “All I want is the girl.” —Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark   A couple of weeks ago, I receive a call from my friend, Graham, who asks me if I caught the latest episode of the The Big Bang Theory.  I have watched the show maybe a dozen times—I am not a fan […]

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Psychiatric Help 5¢

Composed in December 2005. We all know that Christmas is a big commercial racket. It’s run by a big Eastern syndicate, you know?  —Lucy Van Pelt Last night I promised my girlfriend that I’d attend a party with her.  I dressed, gathered my keys and my wallet, and headed for the door when my dad […]

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Bedrock Time Slip

This piece was part of a series where I would re-imagine my morning commute in order to practice writing every day.  I would arrive at work fifteen minutes early and begin writing.  At first I had little trouble finishing them in fifteen minutes, but as they became more ambitious, I would post them in the […]

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