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Haiku (August 1993)

I once bought a book on haiku and took a liking to Buson’s poetry. Buson was both painter and poet and as such, had a sharp eye. His haiku inspired me to write this on a brutal Summer day as I watch heat radiating off the highway. I think rather than using the traditional line […]

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Cædmon’s Hymn, A Translation

In 2002 I took a graduate course on Anglo-Saxon prose and poetry; one assignment required us to translate an Anglo-Saxon work into modern English, so I chose Cædmon’s Hymn, a short poem that scholars believe is earliest-surviving example of Old English poetry. While translating the poem, I chose words for their archaic meanings, such as […]

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A Geo. Logical Survey of Coconino County

The Kat, The Dog, And The Mouse (A Meditation) Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.   –Horace1 In lieu of brick I bring you letters that will inkrease the kreases that krease your bean.  It is a tale of a triangle (an obtuse triangle to be precise) whose obtuseness vexes a certain mouse (Latin mus) and a certain […]

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