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The Conquerors of Time

When the treadmill goes forward, positive radiation is released—and that sends me into the future! —The Flash from “The Conquerors of Time” no 125, December 1961     Somewhere there exists a strange pair of glasses.  The glasses neither protect the eyes nor correct the vision; they do undo the workings of your mind that […]

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The Sensitive Man

Aphorisms have a prominent place in the long history of world literature, and many of my favorite writers – Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Schopenhauer, and Montaigne – wrote them. They pose a particular challenge since the writer must combine clarity of insight with brevity.

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For Friedrich Nietzsche

It’s a personal belief of mine than Nietzsche is one of the few philosophers, perhaps the only philosopher, to understand and appreciate the nature of language.  So here it is in an aphorism, a favorite genre of the philosopher.

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Strange Loop, Texas

Driving home today I hit upon a bright idea and when I did, I snapped my fingers; and when I snapped my fingers, I asked myself, “Who was the first to snap one’s fingers when hitting upon a bright idea?” And as my car banked along the curvature of space and time, rocketing past the […]

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