The Conquerors of Time

When the treadmill goes forward, positive radiation is released—and that sends me into the future! —The Flash from “The Conquerors of Time” no 125, December 1961

Somewhere there exists a strange pair of glasses.  The glasses neither protect the eyes nor correct the vision; they do undo the workings of your mind that is until eventually, your mind undoes the mischief of the glasses.

See the image that your eyes project on your optic nerves is upside down—more precisely upside down and flipped sideways.  Your brain takes this image and flips it so you see the world right side up.  In that way, you can go about your day running into tables and turning over drinks without an image of an upside down world getting in your way.

Now when a person wears this strange pair of glasses, they see the world the way the eyes project it on the optic nerve—that is upside down and flipped sideways; but after wearing the glasses for a time, the mind will once again flip the image of the world right side up.  It’s a pretty neat trick and a necessary one if we are to get along.

So a few nights ago, I can’t sleep and I lay on my back in bed staring at a darkened ceiling.  And instead of counting sheep, I think about these strange glasses and the end of our universe.  See there are some people who think that someday, our universe will stop expanding and begin collapsing on itself.  For a moment, I imagine our universe running backwards through both Space and Time and wonder at the possibilities.

Will my mind flip the sensation of time like it flips the image from my optic nerves so I see backwards time as forwards time?  Would my mind even have the freedom to flip the sensation of time?  And if not what does this imply about the freedom of my mind in this, our expanding universe?  And if past, present, and future all exist simultaneously, have I any freedom at all?  Am I a conqueror of time or am I only along for the ride?

Then my mind stills for there are far more questions than there are answers.  And as I lay staring at a darkened ceiling I can’t hope to see, I wonder.


©2005 Kent Gutschke.  All rights reserved.
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