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The Bathing Beauty

This is my attempt to write a short, focused essay in the style of Roland Barthes, a critic famous for his 1967 essay, “The Death of the Author”, in which he argued authorial intent is an unimportant consideration for criticism.  Barthes published many works using structural linguistics to analyze literature, movies, advertising, and commonplace items. […]

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My Awesome Mix Tape #6

For your consideration, here are the six steps for remixing a song in the 1980s. 1.  Put echo on every instrument including vocals. 2.  Make the beat even more obvious by including drums that clash with the general aesthetics of the song. 3.  Include synthesized voices, because everyone loves a singing robot. 4.  Add even […]

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I Learned It by Watching You!

Dude, This week, the Gods of Röck [pronounced ‘Raaawk’] have charged me with the sacred duty of properly schooling you all in the oldest and most essential posture in Rock, The Pull Down. Yes, The Pull Down ranks with those other monumental achievements in Rock: sex, drugs, and most recently, the belated reunion tour. And […]

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