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The Thing, A Sci-Fi Lullaby

“The Thing, A Sci-fi Lullaby” by Kent Gutschke For Henry Kuttner, Charles T. Webb, and my dog, Rusty   As the funny-shaped thing zips into view— Zigging now zagging past Bill’s Greasy Spoon, Earl roosts on his porch with his old, brown dog, Sipping corn liquor, his brain in a fog.   Earl and his dog […]

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Abbott and Costello Go to Mars (1953)

“So great had been the development of science on Earth by the 25th century that when we first rocketed through the voids of space and landed on that amazing planet, Venus, its inhabitants regarded us as superior beings…” —Buddy Deering   “It’s a ray gun…Flash Gordon uses one of them.” “Yeah, what mob does he […]

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The Conquerors of Time

When the treadmill goes forward, positive radiation is released—and that sends me into the future! —The Flash from “The Conquerors of Time” no 125, December 1961     Somewhere there exists a strange pair of glasses.  The glasses neither protect the eyes nor correct the vision; they do undo the workings of your mind that […]

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Dreams by the Dead Seas of Mars

“Monsters, John!  Monsters from the Id!” —Lt.  ‘Doc’ Ostrow, Forbidden Planet   My dreams are dreams of an unbearable heat, forged in the arid and attenuated atmosphere of Mars and tempered in the deep recesses of Olympos Mons—a place where old minds give birth to old patterns of an alien logic—where strange thoughts rise from red […]

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Patricia Savage, The Bronze Goddess Of Pulp Fiction

“Some bear it better than others.  We Savages, I think carry it poorly.” —Patricia Savage, “I Died Yesterday” (1948) Of all the Doc Savage stories published by Street & Smith during its sixteen-year run, “I Died Yesterday” is unique in being the only story told from Patricia Savage’s point of view.  Who is Patricia Savage?   She […]

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Henry Kuttner’s Galloway Gallagher

Are you a technician or a driveling idiot?  — “The Proud Robot” (1943) The story goes that Galloway Gallagher got his name when his author, Henry Kuttner, called the frazzled protagonist “Gallagher” in the “Time Locker”, then mistakenly called him “Galloway” while writing its sequel.  Kuttner, realizing his error, combined the names and thus, Galloway Gallagher was born.  Whether […]

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The Peculiar Sensation of Time

I am afraid I cannot convey the peculiar sensations of time travel.  They are exceedingly unpleasant.  —The Time Machine (1895) Today I finished the final chapters of H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine and felt the sadness I always feel when finishing a great book—it is the sadness of parting ways with people I have grown to […]

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Dateline Hollywood—Mars Attacks (Without Reason)

It is an Associated Press dispatch, describing a universal nightmare.  —The Critic, April 23, 1898   After two unsatisfying attempts, one by George Powell and another by Steven Spielberg, it is obvious to everyone that Hollywood – from its producers and directors down to its writers and its gaffers – does not understand H. G. […]

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Savage Critique (Doc Savage and The Black, Black Witch)

Days ago I finished reading my first Doc Savage novel, and upon finishing the last chapter, was as giddy as a twelve year-old.  It is a feat that has until now, eluded me; while I’ve had several Doc Savage reprints lying around for years – including an old Bama reprint of “Murder Melody” – I’ve […]

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Bedrock Time Slip

This piece was part of a series where I would re-imagine my morning commute in order to practice writing every day.  I would arrive at work fifteen minutes early and begin writing.  At first I had little trouble finishing them in fifteen minutes, but as they became more ambitious, I would post them in the […]

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Some Kind of Life

On a California highway parallel to our here and now, Philip K. Dick and Horselover Fat rocket towards a bookstore in sunny San Diego in search of Amazing Stories.   ©2012 Kent Gutschke.  All rights reserved.

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If This Were an Actual Emergency . . .

My second attempt at Flash Fiction.  This is based on an actual conversation I had with my friend, Bill, in 1999.

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Tales From the Rapid Eye (Apocrypha)

As a child, I often wondered about the Last Judgement and at times, dreamed how we might relive our sins through the wonder of television.  And yes, the afterlife is wireless.

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N1H1 Ain’t Nothin’

Recently a friend asked why I waste time playing video games. Naturally I objected – video games improve our reflexes and our eye-hand coordination.  He gave pause and then I added the real reason is video games train us to survive the impending end of our social instructions and perhaps, even our world.

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Does Mars Need Women?

I wrote this a in 2008 in anticipation of Valentine’s Day.  At the time, I didn’t know David Levy was an accomplished chess player. This one is a touch early, but I have electrifying plans for Valentine’s Day—plans that involve a microchip, silicone, a tube of lip-gloss, and lots and lots of whipped cream.

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