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Dreams by the Dead Seas of Mars

“Monsters, John!  Monsters from the Id!” —Lt.  ‘Doc’ Ostrow, Forbidden Planet   My dreams are dreams of an unbearable heat, forged in the arid and attenuated atmosphere of Mars and tempered in the deep recesses of Olympos Mons—a place where old minds give birth to old patterns of an alien logic—where strange thoughts rise from red […]

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The Peculiar Sensation of Time

I am afraid I cannot convey the peculiar sensations of time travel.  They are exceedingly unpleasant.  —The Time Machine (1895) Today I finished the final chapters of H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine and felt the sadness I always feel when finishing a great book—it is the sadness of parting ways with people I have grown to […]

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Dateline Hollywood—Mars Attacks (Without Reason)

It is an Associated Press dispatch, describing a universal nightmare.  —The Critic, April 23, 1898   After two unsatisfying attempts, one by George Powell and another by Steven Spielberg, it is obvious to everyone that Hollywood – from its producers and directors down to its writers and its gaffers – does not understand H. G. […]

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