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Remembering Norman Sutherland

I suppose I never really knew Norman. Norman was a tall, lanky freckled kid. He was soft-spoken. And he had problems.

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A Frog’s Journey

One day as I banked my car along the curvature of Time and Space, I noticed a small gray object tucked near the windshield wiper.  I craned my neck and saw the object was a small gray frog. He sat braving the winds as my car traveled along the loop.

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Abbott and Costello Go to Mars (1953)

“So great had been the development of science on Earth by the 25th century that when we first rocketed through the voids of space and landed on that amazing planet, Venus, its inhabitants regarded us as superior beings…” —Buddy Deering   “It’s a ray gun…Flash Gordon uses one of them.” “Yeah, what mob does he […]

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D-Day at Seventy (An Oral History of the Landing at Omaha Beach)

What follows is an oral history of the amphibious landings on Omaha Beach by Private George C. Gutschke of the 29th Infantry Division.  He was a member of the Western Task Force: Assault Force B and embarked for Omaha Beach – Dog Green Sector – from the USS LST 337.  This sequence of events stems […]

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The Conquerors of Time

When the treadmill goes forward, positive radiation is released—and that sends me into the future! —The Flash from “The Conquerors of Time” no 125, December 1961     Somewhere there exists a strange pair of glasses.  The glasses neither protect the eyes nor correct the vision; they do undo the workings of your mind that […]

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Psychiatric Help 5¢

Composed in December 2005. We all know that Christmas is a big commercial racket. It’s run by a big Eastern syndicate, you know?  —Lucy Van Pelt Last night I promised my girlfriend that I’d attend a party with her.  I dressed, gathered my keys and my wallet, and headed for the door when my dad […]

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Tales From the Rapid Eye (Ken and Barbie)

Originally published November 2005. One night as Amber and I lie in bed, I asked, “Hey, you ever pretend your Ken and Barbie had sex?” “Nah,” she said, and as she snuggled closer added, “You know I had nine Barbie dolls and a Ken?  I rarely whipped him out—most of the time he sat in the […]

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Dateline Hollywood—Mars Attacks (Without Reason)

It is an Associated Press dispatch, describing a universal nightmare.  —The Critic, April 23, 1898   After two unsatisfying attempts, one by George Powell and another by Steven Spielberg, it is obvious to everyone that Hollywood – from its producers and directors down to its writers and its gaffers – does not understand H. G. […]

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Strange Loop, Texas

Driving home today I hit upon a bright idea and when I did, I snapped my fingers; and when I snapped my fingers, I asked myself, “Who was the first to snap one’s fingers when hitting upon a bright idea?” And as my car banked along the curvature of space and time, rocketing past the […]

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Deep Blue

Until today I thought I’d fathomed everything about online dating, but a new dating service that places wealthy men with attractive women of presumably modest means opened uncharted depths to me.  My mind drifted and pictured the process of cell mutation and adaptation that produced the lures these men and these women use to hook […]

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