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A Tale to Astonish

I composed most of this amazing story about our friendly neighborhood web-slinger and Charlie Brown during my R.E.M. cycles. Told in the Mighty Marvel Way (i.e. without restraint or good taste)! The Players in order of appearance: Myself, Charlie Brown, Peter Parker, Sue Storm Mary Jane Watson, and the Silver Surfer.

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Why Marvel NOW and the New 52 Can’t Save the Superhero

Days ago I learned that Marvel plans to launch Marvel NOW in order to modernize many of their flagship characters.  At first blush, I was skeptical, but after reading their press release, I now understand Marvel’s desperation, and it is the same desperation that drove DC to create the New 52 and years before it, […]

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The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), How Crane Operators are this Year’s Jumping the Shark

For your consideration, I submit the following plot structure from SONY’s Amazing Spider-Man (2012).  This post is all spoilers so be warned.

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Identity Crises

Let’s set the WABAC machine for the early 1970s.  I was four then and my dad stopped at a gas station somewhere in a small Texas town.  It was then and there I made my acquaintance with the Amazing Spider-Man.

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Ain’t No Such Thing as ‘Near Mint!’

Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World! —The Bizarro Code from Adventure Comics no. 285, 1961 As a kid in the 70s, I didn’t collect comic books—I read them.  Abused them. I first saw them on a spinner rack in a gas station during a family trip.  I was four and the book […]

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A Geo. Logical Survey of Coconino County

The Kat, The Dog, And The Mouse (A Meditation) Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.   –Horace1 In lieu of brick I bring you letters that will inkrease the kreases that krease your bean.  It is a tale of a triangle (an obtuse triangle to be precise) whose obtuseness vexes a certain mouse (Latin mus) and a certain […]

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Morning Commute as the Dark Knight

Originally Written July, 7, 2009. Darkness mantles the city; distress call—Gordon’s lit the Bat-Signal. I shower (crime fighters always have good hygiene, kids); and robed in a bath towel, I enter the secret door behind grandfather clock as a wealthy, international playboy and swiftly emerge in the Bat-Cave as the Caped-Crusader. Question: Batmobile or Batwing? […]

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